Diponegoro University has an exceptional commitment to bioscience and engineering. At the interface of these disciplines, bioprocess engineering has the potential to provide new solutions for biotechnology and medicine. Bioprocess engineering requires a multi-disciplinary approach; a synergy of chemical engineering, biochemistry and biotechnology. The C-BIORE group develops bioprocess technology for converting biomass to bioenergy as well as  healthy food ingredients, biopolymers, pharmaceuticals, and biopesticides. The challenge is to make high-quality products in a sustainable and economic way, to avoid overexploitation of natural resources and the environment and maximize the chances of utilization by existing and new biotech companies. Generally, C-BIORE aims to harness a combination of these technologies to develop new and innovative bioprocess applications. We value active collaboration with our national and international partners. We aim to work with them to create novel solutions to industrial problems.

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